Sunday, December 12, 2010
Haishh, semua org dh dpt result dh. Aku? Eh, orang se-area dan se-daerah aku pun dh dpt. Aku? Alaaa, ape nie posmen? Tk jumpa rumah saya ke? :) I don’t think I get any good result but I always pray to get one. Yeahh, but I’m not believe in myself actually. I’m afraid and scared too. I don’t think I can score any of those hard subjects. Help me (?) -.-
Pray for me and I’ll pray for you too. Aku mmg gilaa takut nk tengok markah BM && Science subjects. Sumpah subjects tue are killer! Arghh, tension gilaa kot! Dah laa, aku jawab macam haprak je. Tolong! I need to score this exam or I’ll make my parents unhappy.
I listen and I see my friends smiling and shouting for happiness. Awww, they get best result okay :) I’m happy for them as long as I can see their smiley faces. Yeah, everyone is successful except me (?) I can see that. And only God knows how I feel right now. Goshh! God, I’m really really scared and I’m asking for your help please? ^^ Make me happy or at least make my parents happy.
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